because today is your day, SAENGIL CUKHAE

Today is your day
So special to you
You’re in my thoughts
Others peoples too

Today is your day
A change to look back
Over the last year
That 12 month track

Today is your day
A time to remember
What’s happened this year,
Every month to October

Today is your day
To begin your 25rd year
Approach it head on
Don’t shed a tear

Today is your day
Make the most of it all
Live every moment
Stand up tall

Today is your day
Make sure you rejoice
Tell us your story
Let us hear your voice

Today is your day
Look how you’ve grown
The different qualities
To us you’ve shown

Today is your day
That’s the reason I’m writing
Happy birthday to you
I hope it’s all exciting

Pokoknya selamat ulang tahun dan semoga mendapatkan yang terbaik, apapun itu. Selalu jadi Donghae yang sayang sama Ayahnya dan member SJ yang lain, tidak lupa sama ELF juga tentunya. Udah 25 tahun kan ya? Semoga cepet dapet jodoh deh, pilih salah satu ELF kalau bisa, dari Indonesia lebih bagus malah tapi jangan saia yaa ntar KIBUM mau dikemanain. Yang terakhir, semoga ga gampang nangis lagi, walaupun julukan Prince of Tears itu keren tapi untuk seorang cowok yang namanya melankolis itu menyedihkan *plak*. I have one request for him (lah yang ultah sapa yang punya permohonan sapa), I really missed this moment, please bring him back to Super Junior. I trust you  Nemo (kayak Dongahe bakal baca aja).

Credit pics as tagged
Poems by Sarah L Costello with editted by me

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