KyuMin Cute Ekspression [Super Show 3]

a bunch of KyuMin pics for you ^^ their facial ekspression sooo cute ❤

more under the cut ^^

seriuss…sakit perut liat tampangnya SungMin, aneh tapi cuteee ^^ apalagi liat si KyuHyun yang lagi tidur sambil bediri ~hahahaha~

bonusss …

apa ini ?! couple jacketkah ? ^^

ming cuteness ❤

OH MAY GAD !!! *:D*

6 thoughts on “KyuMin Cute Ekspression [Super Show 3]

  1. gila dah.. kocak serius apa lagi yg Oh My GOD..
    Kayak aku kalo aku lg kesel aja…
    10 for Sungmin’s Oh My GOD’s perfomance!!!

  2. I love the title of your page “Waiting for Kibum, Standing by Kangin and Believing in Hankyung.”

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