Shindong Voice Message for ELF

english trans :

Hello, this is Shin Dong from Super Junior.
With news of spring coming, Super Junior is presenting our 4th album to you all.
It seems like yesterday when ‘Sorry Sorry’ came out, but a long time has passed since then.
It’s already 4th album.
Wow, I am an idol group singer. 4th Album. (He just repeats that it’s fourth album with amazement)
I’ve been in the group for almost 5 years, and it’s been unbelievable.
I am really curious which song you would like the most.
Of course, the title song could be one, but since this is not a single but a regular album, there are lots of songs.
Listen to all of them, and love them as well.
I am sure you know what to do.
Thank you.
This has been Shindong.(meaning from ShinDong)

credits : blueprincez4
shared by : leesoohyo@superjuniorgirls.wordpress

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