Reminding SJ’s Letter to ELF (080309)

annyeong chingudeul..

aq bingung harus mulai drmn.. aq hny ingin b’bg crt pada kalian semua,, krn kalian adlh tmn2 ELF-ku yg sll aq sayangi.. aq hny sedang menyayangkan kelakuan org2 *yg menyebut diri mereka adalah ELF of Super Junior* padahal mereka sendiri bs dibilang belum bisa memahami makna dari kata EverLastingFriend.. y,, tidak paham.. waeyo?? krn mereka dgn mudahnya berpindah hati, malah skg ada org yg mengaku sudah 2 tahun menjadi ELF, hny karna alasan yg tak masuk logika, dengan tegas menyatakan dirinya sekarang adalah seorang AF yg sangat memBENCI Super Junior..

omonaaaaaaa.. betapa cpt mereka berpaling n pergi meninggalkan oppadeul yg kita semua tau bahwa saat ini mereka sangat membutuhkan SUPPORT n dukungan dari kita semua, TemanSelamanya mereka..

skg aq hanya ingin m’bg atau mungkin mengingatkan kalian smw,, sebuah catatan singkat dr oppadeul kita tersayang yg bisa menunjukkan betapa berartinya qta,, ELF,, bagi mereka..

Although I don’t believe in the word “everlasting,” it’s the word that always fits you, my eternal supporter ELF.
We’re seeing each other often, huh?
I think it’s true when they say that two people who love each other never get sick of one another even when they meet again and again.
I miss you even when I’m seeing you like this…
I said it before, right?
That we’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world.
Since we promised, let’s continue on, holding onto both hands tight without letting go.
You know that Super Junior refuses being compared to other groups~
We’re different~ Who’s comparing~
We’re… King Wang Zzang!
ELF is also… King Wang Zzang!
To those who taught me what love is, what worry is, what it means to be moved, what tears are, thank you, and thank you.
Lastly, although it seems like a phrase that’s been overused, I really want to say it,
I love you.
The greatest group of this generation. The greatest leader, Eeteuk.


“What shall I do, if I had no friends?
But, Kibum, Siwon, Sungmin, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Yesung, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Leeteuk will be there,
ah~~~ Hankyung! Hankyung! Sorry!! And Hankyung!!
What shall I do, if I had no girlfriend?
ELF will be there.
I‘m really grateful, that you always believe in us, and meet us and adore us.
thank you.”

“Hello everybody, I’m Hangeng!
During my time in Korea, there was a time, which was really hard for me.
But because ELF were always beside me, I, Hangeng, am able to stand on this stage.
Ever, Always, Forever love you, our ELF!”


To E.L.F.
To all the ELF, hello. I’m Yesung.
I am feeling very, very thankful that we can be together during this precious time on this good Sunday.
Thank you for being with Super Junior like this.
I think I am an extremely happy person.
I don’t really know why I’m laughing right now, but I have a feeling I shouldn’t read until the end of what I wrote; however, I think I am a very blessed person.
It was very hard to capture my entire heart into this one small piece of paper.
Although we want to say the words thank you to you guys very often, I think that we haven’t been able to because there aren’t very many times that we are able to be in this position.
I’ll forever remember this time when we are sitting face to face.
Everyone thank you, thank you so much, and I love you.


“To my beautiful you,
In this moment, it’s as if the whole world was mine.
No matter if it was a good day or a bad day,
we all experienced it together.
Sometimes we are really sorry to you,
when we see you, we feel sorry.
If we could be always be like this at this moment, laughing and crying together, it would be great.
When I’m old, we will grow old together, then we also will be together.
Because we’re meant to be there for each other, aren’t we?
I love you!”

“ELF, when the others were writing something, I really didn’t write anything.
the reason is, when I was writing to you, it’s if there were only words for apology.
Thus I didn’t write anything, there are a lot of things I want to say to you.
I really can just say ‘thank you’ to you.
it seems that this one word will be ok.”

Dear. ELF
Our beauties who are always thinking of and watching over just Super Junior, hello?
Our sweethearts who moved us so deeply during the concert, I was so thankful.
That impression is still remaining.
Since that day I’ve been waiting only for this day, all of you have the same thought, right?
Thank you for always never-changing and staying in the same place watching over us.
We think of all of you that same amount.
What if you wait for us until it’s very late at night and catch a cold?
Will there still be a car to take you home?
What if you happen to meet a bad person on the way?
What if you run into a lot of people and get hurt?
What if there was something we pay attention to and you were hurt because of it?
But I’m thinking, isn’t this what love is?
It’s because you love that you worry, you support, and you want to make someone happy.
We’re always sorry because it feels like we haven’t been able to give much in return for all the love we received.
I will constantly work in order to return with even more love.
You know my personality well enough to know that this won’t be an empty promise, right?
I love you~ Be with us forever~

“November 6th 2005, the day we met for the first time, we with shivering heart, in the short period of 3 minutes, we were full of expectation, yet full of sorrow.
Oh, I love you, EVERLASTING FRIEND, this name we will keep in mind! Don’t forget today, nor let our beautiful heart for each other ever change!”

Dear. ELF, Super Junior’s girlfriend that loves just Super Junior
Since that time when we first met until now, there hasn’t been a time when I didn’t think of you.
You’ve always watched over us warmly, held our hand and picked us up when we fell down, wiped our tears away and told us not to cry when the tears fell, always moving us deeply by appearing anywhere like Superman without growing weary, telling us it’s okay when we show an ugly side of us; thank you for even loving and caring for that side of us.
Because of you I feel like I am always smiling and crying.
Don’t say the words “thank you” to us.
Because the people who are eternally thankful are us.
Again, thank you and thank you again.
Starting now as the time goes by, even when I’m 30 years, 40 years, 50 years old, I would like to remember and cherish this current time and smile.
Although there may be lots of dread and many hard times coming up, I’ll think of ELF and try to endure it all and work hard.
I will continue to ask for your favor.
Wherever, I will be the unashamed Donghae and Super Junior.
There’s the thing that I always say, right?
This is something that I really ask of you, even if nothing else matters, please just don’t be sick.
Let’s make more amazing memories in 2008.
Once more I bow in thanks and I love you-

ELF who are always our partner, who always love, cheer us up and support us
From now on we will love you and care about you more
Love all of you and thanks
Wrote on a balmy evening of 2008. ShiWon, ELF’s forever partner
PS : Wish you happy in God’s arm

Those who came together because of the one name Super Junior, our ELF.
I remember the time when the members all sat around in a circle and came up with the name ELF.
What would be the reason why the name “ELF” sounds prettier than just the words “Super Junior fan?”
Thank you for always supporting us and being happy for everything that we do.
Our ELF, who let us stand in this position that we could never forget and let us say this to you.
I truly love you.
Thank you~~

“To appreciative ELF:
Because of you, I got the courage to start,
because of you, I’m able to laugh joyfully and happily. Thank you.
bacause of you, we’re standing here with courage, laughing and joyfully spending this moment together. Thank you.
But even this kind of thanks can’t describe our feelings, really thank you!”

Hello. I’m Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.
May 2006, the day when I felt like my heart would stop, that first stage really feels like it was just a while ago but it’s getting close to two years now.
Since the time I’ve been performing as a Super Junior member, and more days in the future that I will spend with you all, I want to make them into unforgettable memories together.
Let’s be together until the end, my love ELF.



always 13elieve their Prom15e

11 thoughts on “Reminding SJ’s Letter to ELF (080309)

  1. i truly love u to RyeoWookie !!
    i truly love u Super Junior !!

    the love that never change..

    just like what u sang
    ‘wo ai ni bu hui gai bian’
    ‘i love u and it won’t change’

  2. i love you too my supermans !
    i can feel the love from you all .
    no matter what , i’m still ELF .
    and we are still EVERLASTINGFRIENDS 🙂

  3. 2Sungmin Oppa: Yup Oppa, I know your GOOD Personality_at least that can block my thought to think of your ‘bad’ personality_ and I know, You ARE n WILL doing Your best to be with SUJU as long as you can!!
    ♥ I love you~ Be with us forever~ ♥
    ♥ I Love U Too, Sungmin Oppa, Love U Super Junior!! ♥

  4. oppa….
    i don’t know what to say….
    but the most important thing u should is
    be with us forever….
    me and all ELF will always keep u in our mind..
    will love u ’till love doesn’t seems like something i have do…
    but loving you like i ussually do…like eat, sleep,etc…
    i also want to thank you couce allow me to having you in my live…
    for making my sleep becomes sweet for having you there…
    love u oppa…
    Super Junior, HWAITING!!!!
    jeongmal jhoahae!!!!


  5. huhuhuhu,,,sedih bgd deh postingannya

    tenang oppa,,aku kan slalu menjadi ELF yg setia bwt kalian
    wlaopun aku jg menyukai yg lain,tp tdk akan prnh melupakanmu


    ps: kangen bgd deh sma ni blog,,muuuuuaaaahhhhhhh….map bru bsa komen lg skrg…

  6. annyounghaseo..
    arti imnida..
    boleh gabung??

    sedih baca suratnya.. we will 13lieve the prom15se, right??

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