A Tearful Moment During Shining Star..

Super Show II Taiwan.. Our Boys crying hard… Especially our fishie Lee Donghae..

Check This Video..

Did anyone realize, Donghae was laughing happily at first!! but when he turned towards the left, he was a little shocked, and stunned there for awhile. Donghae turned and and saw this.

Lee Donghae Baidu Bar & ELFISH | photo by 小雅
金希澈中国后援会☆希澈の公主殿☆ 【www.heechul.cn】| photo by Gabriel7
reuploaded by myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com

Taiwan fans’ support during shining star
and formed the pattern ELF ♥ SJ with yellow lightsticks.
Teukie tried controlling his tears but couldn’t,
he cried so hard till his face was all scrunched up ( as in he cried really hard).
Hyukjae cried until he couldn’t lift up his head.
Siwon kept his eyes close towards the end, and didn’t dare open them
(afraid that his tears would flow out).
Everyone either had tears in their eyes or cried really hard.
Both on stage and off, were all in tears.

I attended both days of the concert
and felt really fortunate!!!
We cried even harder on the second than the first day!!!

This time we taiwan E.L.Fs did it!!!!!!
Its the first time, and also our most complete and wonderful moment!
Every house ( different forums and fan clubs) did well too!! The fan chants too!!!
Hope we will maintain like this till 4jib,
and will be awaiting for Super Show III to create memories that belongs to SJ and us once again!!!!!!

Cr: superjunior吧
Chinese to English translations by cleaver487 @ sj-world.net
take out with full credits and do not add your own

Special Thanks for Twelfs.com for source

reupload by dillsarangahan@superjuniorgirls

Terima kasih untuk Taiwanese ELF.. yang telah membuat moment yang tak terlupakan bagi Super Junior dan ELF.. Terima kasih walaupun kami tahu kalian kecewa tapi kalian tetap mendukung Super Junior..

2 thoughts on “A Tearful Moment During Shining Star..

    1. semuanya fans suju kok.. cuma karena biasanya kalau ada konser ELF sering bikin project sesuatu berupa tulisan, nah waktu premium event ini mereka bikinnya ELF ❤ SJ, nah, kalao mereka pakai lightstick biru nggak bakal kebaca tulisannya, walhasil mereka pakai kuning..

      bukan penggambaran fans siapapun, pernah juga ijo dan putih dipake kok

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