Sungmin’s Akilla Musical

Salah satu personil Super Junior yang lebih aktif di Super Junior H itu, Lee Sungmin, akan berperan di pertunjukan musikal terbarunya, “Akilla”. Sungmin mendapat peran sebagai tokoh Ro muda, di pertunjukan ini Sungmin berkarakter pendiam. Tapi jika ia melihat seseorang yang ia cintai sedang dalam bahaya alias emergency (halah~), dia rela melakukan apapun untuk melindunginya.

Lawan main Sungmin di pertunjukan musikal tersebut adalah Moon Hyewon, anggota dari band Biuret yang memainkan musik Esmeraldo (Notre Dame de Paris). Pertunjukan musikal ini mulai dibuka tanggal 9 September sampai 8 Oktober di Seoul Hanjeon Art Center.

Dalam pertunjukan musikal itu, Ro (Sungmin, akan memperlihatkan kisah cinta dan perasaannya pada Ju.


cr : newsen + smtownindo@wordpress

cek CY Sungmin sekitar 3 hari yang lalu ~

2009.09.12 토 09:40

The charm of being in a musical…

ㅋㅋㅋEvery day I’m so happy^^

For tolerating me who’s nothing much..
I’m so thankful to the director, and producer too who gave me the opportunity to do Akilla..

Always taking such good care of me
The representative, who is also good to me and whom I’m so thankful for because despite not sleeping well, not even eating well, he still takes care of my health as if it were the first day
I’m sorry that each time it feels like I couldn’t do anything but accept it^^
I’ll work even harder~

Sunbaenims too, it seems like everyone I’ve met is such a good person so it’s a relief~
I’m learning a lot and practicing comfortably..^^

As the performance day approaches, I’m also getting more excited..happy..
Even been a bit nervous..ㅎㅎㅎ

Even though I have a bit of skinship with the female lead
No screaming allowed!-0- ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

I’m really~so lucky~ㅎㅎ

I’m always thankful for the people surrounding me who all seem like great people ..
Having pretty and polite fans who love only me..

I can do well if I just work hard..
There isn’t particularly any time to practise..ㅠㅅㅠ

Even if I can only sleep for 5 minutes in a day
It’s for the sake of Akilla’s marvel!!!!

Killakilla Akilla!!

SR: 이성민 싸이월드
Translated : rocket & yurim_sj♥ @

by : Hye Jae

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