Donghae’s UFO Replies

Semua balasan-balasan Donghae-sshi telah membuktikan bahwa dia emang pacar seluruh ELF *wuuiiihh*, juga dengan daya narsisnya yang sangat tinggi itu dia pernah bilang bahwa dialah pria tertampan di Super Junior bahkan di SME. Wuuuuiiiidiiihh ngga apa” kug oppa, bagus itu, patut dicontoh malah *haahhh??*.

Oia ini sengaja ngga aku translate, biar kalian pinter bahasa Inggris *dicekek sama semua onnie*..hhee *padahal mah males translate-nya*.


ELF: Oppa,I’ve bought a canvas shoe and it was a defect,the brand even fell off..
Donghae: Really,where did you buy it?go return it hand in hand with oppa

ELF: Oppa,because the mosquitos can’t sleep properly,help me teach them a lesson
Donghae: Tell me the mosquito’s name and address,I’ll go teach them a lesson

ELF: Lee Hyukjae is mine!
Donghae: He is obviously mine

ELF: I’m sorry because I love you
Donghae: I’m sorry because I love you more

ELF: (you) always makes us touched
Donghae: E.L.F,who always provide us with your love and care*
ELF: Is SJ-M returning to Korea?We can see oppas again?Ah,I’m going to cry
Donghae: Don’t cry,if you cry,I’m going to give you a bobo (kiss in Korean)

ELF: Oppa!Eunhae is the most recognized couple~
Donghae: I’ve already broke up with Eunhyuk

ELF: Loving SJ,the love which cannot be expressed in a thousand words.However,this love has became the biggest miracle of my life
Donghae: If you don’t work hard,you will never have any miracles,but we’re going to be the SJ which works even harder!

ELF:I know what you did last careful of the roads at night!
Donghae:I’m so scared…I didn’t do any crime!

ELF: Did Oppa watch “Boys over flowers”?Isn’t F4 so handsomeT_T?
Donghae: I’m also very handsome!I’m Boys over Donghae~~~

aiiiihhh,,,aaaiiiiihhhh,,,Donghae … flirting everytime…


piku-piku oppa band



Sungminnie ,,, bagi semangkanya dund…*ngiler*

hahaha,,,lucu banget tampangnya Jungmo,,,tapi tetep tampan kug *dicekek wookie*.

cr: Donghae’s baidu, 1st UFO reply translated by, Rest of the UFO replies translated by ♥유진, sjworld, sup3rjunior.

4 thoughts on “Donghae’s UFO Replies

  1. donghae mau bobo…
    aku juga mau bobo *dalam arti sebenarnya* ahhh,,,
    *padahal abis diomelin gara” maen internet mulu…*

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